Dissertation proposal syllabus

When a staff member grants an extension they will set a new due date. The completed assignment must be submitted on or before the new due date together with the medical certificate and other documentation. If an assignment is submitted after the new due date, penalties for lateness apply as above. When serious circumstances e. Extreme cases will be judged by the Course Coordinator on their own merits.

Documentation may be required. Plagiarism and use of Information and Communication Technology:. The work that a student submits for grading must be the student's own work, reflecting his or her learning. Where work from other sources is used, it must be properly acknowledged and referenced. This requirement also applies to sources on the World Wide Web. A student's assessed work may be reviewed against electronic source material using computerized detection mechanisms. Upon reasonable request, students may be required to provide an electronic version of their work for computerized review.

Course assignments are not weighted.

Students may not translate work from another source without proper acknowledgment and reference. The penalties for plagiarism are severe and can range from gaining no marks for the assignment to disciplinary action under the terms of the Examination Regulations.

All students entering the University are required to complete the Academic Integrity Module. The Statute refers students to the relevant University Disciplinary Statute and the penalties that may apply. Students should be aware that support is available through either their class or faculty representative, the Student Advocacy Network or their Students' Association.


Syllabus for Media and Communication Studies: Thesis (Two Year Master)

The syllabus page shows a table-oriented view of course schedule and basics of course grading. You can add any other comments, notes or thoughts you have about the course structure, course policies or anything else. Course syllabus. Jump to today. Research models e.

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Teaching format and methods: Course contents are taught through lectures and guided group discussions on different topics. Basic presentation Use Times New Roman, 12 points, black, 1. The request should: be made by email at least days BEFORE the due date for the assignment provide an explanation of the circumstances be supported by a satisfactory medical certificate or other documentation If an extension is granted, you will be given a new due date.

To add some comments, click the 'Edit' link at the top. Cancel Update syllabus. The language of research II Conducting an effective literature review Managing bibliographical references Referencing and citing.

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Working on Assignment 2 Reviewing your draft PowerPoint presentation and accompanying script Writing your draft script Enhancing your theoretical framework and research methodology. Working on Assignment 3: Structuring your essay Presenting evidence and using different modes of argument.

From Idea to Research and Publishing in the Social Sciences

In addition to preparing a complete proposal for his or her research project, each student will be required to read assigned materials, hand in reflections about readings, give status updates, conduct peer reviews, make presentations, and participate actively in class discussions. Learning Objectives: At the end of this course students should be able to:. Students at the University of Washington UW are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic conduct, professional honesty, and personal integrity.

The UW School of Public Health SPH is committed to upholding standards of academic integrity consistent with the academic and professional communities of which it is a part.

Report Writing References | RAIC Syllabus

We expect you to know and follow the university's policies on cheating and plagiarism, and the SPH Academic Integrity Policy. Any suspected cases of academic misconduct will be handled according to University of Washington regulations. Your experience in this class is important to me. If you have already established accommodations with Disability Resources for Students DRS , please communicate your approved accommodations to me at your earliest convenience so we can discuss your needs in this course.

If you have not yet established services through DRS, but have a temporary health condition or permanent disability that requires accommodations conditions include but not limited to; mental health, attention-related, learning, vision, hearing, physical or health impacts , you are welcome to contact DRS at or uwdrs uw.

Reasonable accommodations are established through an interactive process between you, your instructor s and DRS. It is the policy and practice of the University of Washington to create inclusive and accessible learning environments consistent with federal and state law. We strive to create an environment that reflects community and mutual caring. As your instructor, I encourage students with concerns about classroom climate to talk to me if you have any concerns. The requirements for receiving credit for ENVH are listed below. Each of these requirements will be evaluated to determine whether credit will be given for the course.

In addition, during this quarter students are required to sign up for 2 credits of ENVH or with a faculty advisor who will actively support the proposal development process. Some of the assignments require preceptor feedback and the or level credits provide the mechanism for ensuring that feedback will occur. Readings are intended to support your development as a scientist.

Often they will form the basis for class discussion. Most written assignments are intermediate drafts of the thesis proposal. Students are required to turn in assignments on time see boldface text on class schedule.